Short Sales

It is estimated, as high as 50% of homeowners who have a mortgage on their home will owe more than the current value of their property.  While loan modifications can offer short term solutions, unfortunately nearly all of these homeowners are unable to qualify for any debt forgiveness.

Many home owners are delaying the inevitable while cashing out hard earned retirement accounts, using credit cards to pay bills and borrowing money from family members to try to keep their heads above water.  True financial relief from a short sale is all most homeowners in hardship need. Place this Director of the Short Sale Dept. to work for you!

  • I work to get you forgiven of your debt 100%, regardless of what you owe on your home.
  • You do NOT always have to be in default to work a short sale, e.g. strategic short sale.
  • I will guide you through the entire process and answer any questions you have along the way.
  • I, as a Realtor®, must agree to very strict ethical guidelines, far above the industry standards.
  • A short sale done properly will stop the foreclosure of your home.
  • My service is ALWAYS 100% free for you. Your lender pays most fees and closing costs, period!
  • I’ve successfully closed 95% of all short sale transactions.
  • I’ve built strong relationships with most large commercial and private lenders to successfully expedite the short sale process.

Give you and your family time to move. Once the property is listed and an offer is received, the bank will place a hold on the trustee’s sale date on your home. This will allow time for the short sale process (investor approval) and close of escrow. Additionally, allowing a comfortable time frame for relocating your family.

Avoid extensive credit repair. Short sales are much less damaging to your credit, noting “Debt Paid In Full for Amount Less Than Owed” on your credit report, credit repair begins at once. Whereas, foreclosure (7 yrs.) and bankruptcy (10 yrs.) severely damage your credit and may hinder your current and future employment, including security clearances.

Seller fees are $0. State law rules, seller is not allowed to pay fees throughout the short sale process, except for those amicably agreed upon between buyer and seller.

SB 931 | SB 458. No recourse on primary and secondary liens. SB 931 – Any first lender that agrees to a short sale accepts the agreed upon short sale payment as “payment in full” of the outstanding balance. SB 458 – Anti recourse law includes all junior lien holders, and prohibits a deficiency judgment coming from any junior lien holder, including all related claimants, investors or insurers.

As part of the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program (HAFA),  with a short sale you can get $3,000 cash back at closing to use towards your relocation expenses in addition to avoiding a foreclosure! Some lenders are offering up to $5,000 cash back or more for completing a short sale!